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Biography Konrad Friedel


1981  Born in Scheibbs / Lower Austria

2000  Beginning of his autodidactic Carpenter Career

2008  Master Craftsman's Certificate in Carpentry

2008  Creation of his own studio.


2009  Blickfang Fair, Museum for Applied Art, Vienna, Austria.

2010  Exhibition of Light objects at Gallery Song, Vienna, Austria.

2011  Realisation of an installation for Muntean/Rosenblum at Frieze Art-Fair, London, England.

2011  Soloshow at Schauraum 11/nullnull, Vienna, Austria.

2012  Groupshow at Gallery Georg Kargl fine Arts, Vienna, Austria.

2012  Groupshow at  Team Gallery, New York, United States.

2013  Groupshow at Gallery Rauminhalt, Vienna, Austria.

2013  Groupshow at Sammlung Philara, Düsseldorf, Germany.

2013  Soloshow at Gallery Lust,  „Lichtfaltungen“, Vienna, Austria.

2013  Groupshow at „Helmut’s Art-Club“, Vienna, Austria.

2014  Soloshow at Gallery Madero, Salzburg, Austria.

2014  „Art & Antique“ Fair, Salzburg, Austria.

2014  ICFF Fair, New York, United States.

2014  Soloshow „Schalentiere“  at Gallery Rauminhalt, Vienna, Austria.

2015  Soloshow, Design Monat Graz, Gallery Gebhard Blazek, Graz, Austria.

2015  Groupshow, Designsalon Linz, Landesgalerie, Linz, Austria.

2016  Design Shanghai Fair, Shanghai, China.

2016  Passagen Köln event , Cologne, Germany.

2017  Soloshow „Schalentiere“, Gallery Rauminhalt, Vienna, Austria.

2018 Soloshow "Schalentiere", Gallery Wohnkultur66, Hamburg, Germany

What makes an artist an artist?

This question has long occupied theorists and philosophers.


For the artist Konrad Friedel, the urge to create furniture, lights, objects and sculptures is closely linked to his love for beauty and perfectionism as he defines it himself.  Being completely absorbed by the passion to innovate and surprise, he spontaneously changed his profession after having finished his technically oriented education. Taking pleasure in handcrafting activities, he was inspired to teach himself joinery with an enormous autodidactic effort.


After a short time, the first big orders were obtained. With a number of aficionados and a diversification of his creativity always increasing.

Progressively, concrete, stone, metal and steel were added to the natural timber creations. Furthermore, he learnt all of the best possible techniques to use these materials most effectively and in the most many-sided ways.


Friedel’s light objects are unique specimen taking shape under his watchful eye, without any classical shape or geometrical focus, yet perfectly and unexpectedly harmonious. The various irregularly shaped segments, rings and intersections are being united to give birth to his famous “SCHALENTIERE”, individually shaped light fittings, infinitely varied in shape and size and internally coated with a wide range of different colours.


In terms of design and technical skills, the artist has in the meanwhile ventured far beyond the scope of his initial work.

He is now creating for his customers a large variety of complete interiors, even giant aluminium sculptures magnifying parks and gardens.


Without any doubt, Konrad Friedel’s unremitting efforts will result in him attaining still greater recognition for his unique high and outstanding works of art.



Konrad Friedel

Kirchenplatz 9, 2431 Klein Neusiedl

tel: +43/650/8861905

mail: konrad.friedel(at)

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